Medical Microbiology and Immunology

2018 Lab Coat Ceremony

Welcome Lunch

2018 LC Students 2

Right to left: Irum Syed, Hussain Odeh, Brenden Tully, Alexander McCartney, Anna Glanz

2018 LC Students 1

Right to left: Irum Syed, M. Saad Moledina, Dr. Cooper, and Dr. Huntley


2018 LC

September 6, 2018


2018 LC Williams
Dr. Kandace WIlliams

2018 LC Cara A
Cara DeAngelis, Ph.D Student, President of the Council of Biomedical Graduate Students

2018 LC Cooper
Dr. Christopher Cooper - Dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences, Executive VP for Clinical Affairs

2018 LC Odeh
Dr. Cooper (Hussain Odeh)

2018 LC MM
Dr. Cooper ( Maxim Marino)

2018 LC Josh B
Dr. Cooper (Joshua Breidenbach)

Brenden T
Dr. Cooper (Brenden Tully)

Anna G
Dr. Cooper (Anna Glanz)
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