Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Akira Takashima, M.D., Ph.D.



Professor and Chairman

Director, Jacobson Center of Clinical & Translational Research
Director, Center for Biomarker Research & Individualized Medicine (BRIM)
Robert A. Stranahan Endowed Chair

Molecular mechanisms regulating function and behavior of dendritic cells; development of dendritic cell-targeted immunotherapeutics

Office: HEB 229B
Telephone: 419.383.5423
Fax:  419.383.3002
E-mail Address: 

  • Development of dendritic cell (DC)-targeted immunotherapeutic
  • Immunobiology of a newly discovered leukocyte population, termed "neutrophil-DC hybrids"
  • Intravital confocal imaging of dynamic behaviors of DCs, neutrophils and other leukocytes
  • Development and validation of new HTP screening platforms

Dr. Takashima's major research interest is in the biology of DCs, which play crucial roles in the induction of both innate and adaptive immunity. His group has recently identified a new leukocyte population that exhibits the surface phenotypes and functional properties of both neutrophils and DCs.  This population, termed “neutrophil-DC hybrid,” plays dual protective roles against bacterial infection by rapidly capturing and killing bacteria and presenting bacterial antigens to T cells. Interestingly, neutrophil-DC hybrids are derived from immature neutrophils and they emerge in lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues under inflammatory conditions. Using recently developed, HTP-compatible assay platforms, his group has identified several cytokines and small chemical compounds capable of regulating neutrophil transdifferentiation into hybrid cells. Studies are in progress in his laboratory to define: a) mechanisms regulating generation and function of neutrophil-DC hybrids, b) contributions of hybrids to the pathogenesis of autoimmune inflammatory disease, allergic disorders, and cancer, and c) in vivo impact of the above cytokines and small compounds on the development of neutrophil-DC hybrids.

After receiving his M.D. and Ph.D. from the Nagoya City University Medical School (Nagoya, Japan), he completed his clinical training in Dermatology and post-doctoral research training in Cell Biology. He served on the faculty at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, TX) from 1991 until his move to The University of Toledo, when in 2006, he assumed the position of Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology and the Robert A. Stranahan Endowed Chair in the College of Medicine.  Dr. Akira Takashima retired from The University of Toledo in 2016.

Representative Publications (Original Articles):

Matsushima H, Geng S, Lu R, Okamoto T, Yao Y, Mayuzumi N, Kotol PF, Chojnacki BJ, Miyazaki T, Gallo RL, Takashima A. Neutrophil differentiation into a unique hybrid population exhibiting dual phenotype and functionality of neutrophils and dendritic cells. Blood in press 2013

Geng S, Matsushima H, Okamoto T, Yao Y, Lu R,Page K, Blumenthal RM, Ward NL, Miyazaki T, Takashima A. Emergence, origin, and function of neutrophil-dendritic cell hybrids in experimentally induced inflammatory lesions in mice. Blood in press 2013

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