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The Master of Science in Biomedical Science with focus in Medical Sciences (MSBS-MS) is a one-year postbaccalaureate graduate program at The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences (UTCOMLS) designed to provide students who have completed all prerequisites for medical school with resources to strengthen their academic credentials as they prepare their applications to U.S. medical schools. The MSBS-MS curriculum concentrates on an organ-systems based approach where clinical and graduate faculty train students in the pathophysiology of disease and pharmacological interventions, incorporating material taught to medical students during the first (M1) and second (M2) years of the medical school curriculum. This approach imprints in our students a foundational knowledge on the MD curriculum and, since pathophysiology of disease is a key component of USMLE exams, it prepares students for better performance in the M1/M2 curriculum and on Step 1 and Step 2 exams. The MSBS-MS program also provides a unique opportunity for students to conduct clinical and/or basic science research experience. UToledo’s basic and clinical science faculty mentor students through their year-round Scholarly Project, allowing students to expand their view on experimental sciences, adding a strong component to their academic credentials. 


  • Students completing the MSBS-MS program with strong academic performance will have confirmed their ability to perform in any medical school curriculum, thus greatly strengthening their medical school applications.
  • Students are trained into the medical school interview process through mock sessions and guidance from medical school students and faculty. 
  • Students meeting all prerequisites for UTCOM and who are in good academic standing within the program are eligible for medical school interview  at UT Medical School.
  • Early decision: since MSBS-MS students apply to UTCOM while in the program, notification of provisional acceptance to UT College of Medicine before completion of the program eliminates a gap year between conclusion of the program and enrollment in medical school at UT (completion of the MSBS-MS degree is a requirement, but not a guarantee of admission, for MSBS-MS students seeking admission into the MD degree program at UTCOM). 
  • Students are presented with unique research opportunities to broaden their view on biomedical research.


The MSBS-MS program operates within The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences (UTCOMLS) in the Health Science Campus, located in Toledo, Ohio, one of the top 5 most affordable cities in the U.S. With the region's affordable cost of living, short commutes and diverse neighborhoods, students can enjoy a superb quality of life in a vibrant metropolitan area. In addition, Toledo is within easy driving distance of major metropolitan areas such as Cleveland (110 miles), Detroit (60 miles), and Chicago (294 miles). Check also Things To Do In Toledo for a list and map of Toledo area attractions!

Dr. Guillermo Vazquez, MSBS-MS Program Director and Professor in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences at UT, is the major advisor for the program and primary point of contact for all academic matters concerning program curriculum and goals, admissions requirements and career advising. If you have questions about the program, you can reach Dr. Vazquez by email at:  If you leave a voicemail, make sure to also provide an email address to contact you back. 

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Thank you for your interest in the MSBS-MS Program. If you are interested in visiting/touring the College of Medicine and Life Sciences on the Health Science Campus, please contact our MSBS-MS Program Coordinator Dr. Anita Easterly:

Please note:  The above email address is for program inquiries only, not for application or admission documents.  Transcripts or recommendation letters are not accepted at this email address and will not be reviewed.


The UToledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences is a student-centered, world-class educational institution for those interested in healthcare and biomedical research. Our highly qualified faculty and integration of research, education and patient care will prepare you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for highly competitive careers. And not only is the College of Medicine located next to several hospital and specialty clinics, our world-class Simulation Center provides an interactive and formative educational experience for students, residents in graduate medical education training programs, and health-care professionals to hone their personal and emphatic skills, as well as their diagnostic and problem-solving techniques. Most of all, our easily accessible faculty members are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional educational experience.

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