College of Medicine Graduate Programs

MSBS-Medical Sciences: Admission Criteria

The selection process for admission into the MSBS-Medical Sciences program is competitive and merely meeting minimum and/or recommended entrance requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. Rather, a holistic approach is followed to evaluate each candidate, and a number of factors are weighed into the selection process, including but not limited to cumulative undergraduate GPA and undergraduate science GPA, MCAT, personal experiences and letters. 

Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Resident (possess a green card at the time of application)

Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university

  • All minimum pre-medical course requirements per UToledo COMLS must be completed prior to admission into the MSBS-Medical Sciences program. For specifics on prerequisites for admission into UToledo medical school click here. Applications missing any of the mandatory pre-med courses listed by UToledo COMLS will be rejected. 


  • Official undergraduate transcripts confirming degree and transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended.
  • An undergraduate cumulative GPA above 3.0 is highly recommended. Undergraduate performance in the medical foundational sciences is an important component of the admissions evaluation (sciGPA). 
  • An MCAT exam score less than three years old. Applications without valid MCAT scores will not be reviewed. 
  • GRE or DAT scores are not acceptable for admission to the program.


A complete résumé must be submitted. 

letter of recommendation

  • At least one letter of recommendation must be submitted.
  • Pre-med advisory committee letters are accepted with all signatures.
  • Meaningful letters are those from individuals who can elaborate on aspects such as personality, history and motivation of the applicant in addition to his/her academic accomplishments. Letters from family members and family friends are strongly discouraged. 
  • Recommendation letters must be on letterhead and include your full name.
  • Letters of recommendation submitted with your AMCAS application are NOT acceptable.

Statement of Purpose

  • In the Statement of Purpose you should elaborate on all the reasons why you decided to apply to the MSBS-Medical Sciences program. It should include your full name. Personal statements taken from your AMCAS application are not acceptable.


Applications to the MSBS-Medical Sciences program must be submitted through the PostbacCAS™ (Liaison-powered Centralized Application Service) for  postbaccalaureate programs. Applications will not be reviewed until the PostbacCAS application is completed, and the UToledo Application fee is submitted. 

The application link to the application is:


An interview is not required as part of the application process to the M.S.B.S.-MS program.



Last Updated: 12/13/23