The Instrumentation Center



1Conference Room

The I. Center conference room is a great "meeting" place! It is equipped with a grand conference table, dry-erase white board, projector and screen, and a 48" flat screen LG television. The room is equipped with fluorescent lights and incandescent dimming lights, which are a wonderful accessory that provides increased lighting control for presentations and oral defenses. Our conference room supplies optimal privacy for meetings of all levels, and has an adjacent kitchenette for preparation of all your meeting essentials (i.e. coffee, tea). 


1Computer Lablab

The computer lab in the I. Center provides a great environment for teaching, data analysis, research, and even a place to just take a break and check email. Equipped with both Microsoft (Windows 10), and Linux (CentOS 5) workstations, the computer room is capable of satisfying the needs of all sorts of computer users. The computers are supported by IT personnel, and run specialized chemistry software, as well as the usual office automation packages.  A partial list of applications includes:  Cambridge Structural Database, FIZ/NIST Inorganic Crystal Structural Database, Bruker AXS suite (SAINT, SHELXTL, RLATT, etc.), NCNR CIF Tools, University of Illinois VMD, ChemBioDraw Ultra 11, Diamond 3, SciFinder Scholar, Spartan ‘02, HKL2000 suite, and the CCP4 suite

1Laboratories and Prep Roomsv

The SEM prep room (right) contains carbon and gold sputtering instruments, a microcentrifuge, a lab shaker, a well ventilated hood, and a drying oven. This room is well equipped for users performing multiple sample characterizations.




Our sample preparation laboratory for macromolecular samples is equipped with a sublimation system specified for MALDI sample prep. Additionally, an X-ray laboratory is located in our center which is often used for preparing, mounting, and storing crystals for small molecule crystallography.



Last Updated: 6/27/22