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Contributor: Jude Sczesny

About the Display: Toothpaste - Most toothpaste has fluoride in it which helps prevent tooth decay. Fluoride helps strengthen enamel and prevents cavities.

Mouthwash - Fluoride mouthwash also helps prevent tooth decay. It strengthens tooth enamel and helps damaged teeth re-mineralize themselves.

Plumbers tape - Teflon thread seal tape (PTFE), also known as plumber’s tape, seals pipe threads, and prevents leakage in plumbing and air lines. It is 75% fluorine and 25% carbon.

Mini frying pan - Pans coated with Teflon are useful because they are nonstick. The fluorine atoms repel any other molecules.

Jude - flourine

About the Contributor: Jude is a local science enthusiast who had the opportunity to tour the Instrumentation Center and see the Periodic Table over his summer break!










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Symbol: F

Atomic Number: 9

Atomic Mass: 18.998 u

Electron Configuration: [He]2s2sp6

Year Discovered: 1886

Discovered By: Henri Moissan
Last Updated: 12/11/23