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Contributor: Ms. Wilkens' Organic Chemistry class, Notre Dame Academy

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  • HTWO (two Hydrogen Water): Water (H2O) contains both oxygen and hydrogen. In this snake oil, hydrogen gas is supposed to add even more hydrogen to water and supercharge its benefits. This is claimed to increase hydration, workout recovery, performance and fatigue reduction. However, the chemical form of hydrogen is not the same in water and hydrogen gas, so these claims hold no scientific value.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: in low concentrations is used to clean cuts and is used in contact solution (donated by Olivia Schaffer's class)



Link to Hydrogen Water for those interested!

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Symbol: H

Atomic Number: 1

Atomic Mass: 1.008 u

Electron Configuration: 1s1

Year Discovered: 1766

Discovered By: Henry Cavendish

Last Updated: 12/11/23