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Contributor: Steven Toth

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  • Piece of corroded lead piping
  • Pb water vs clean water: The clean water vial taken from the tap here at UT is clear, while the lead containing water is taken from Flint, MI and is orange. However, dissolved lead species produce a clear solution! The orange color is due from iron and bacteria in the water which is a result of the lead pipe corrosion.
  • Water filters: The filter on the left had 100 mL of Toledo tap water run through it, while the one on the right had 100 mL of lead contaminated water run through it. There is a clear distinction between the two with a much darker color on the filter that had contaminated water run through it.

The below video is by a UT film professor Holly Hey (pictured below), an excerpt from her PBS movie!

(PAssword is Flint)


 Professor Holly Hey  hh


About the Contributor: Steven Toth, PhD is a graduate of the University of Toledo and currently teaches at The University of Michigan-Flint. 



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Symbol: Pb

Atomic Number: 82

Atomic Mass: 207.2 u

Electron Configuration: [Xe] 4f145d106s26p2

Year Discovered: 7000 BC

Discovered By: unknown!

Last Updated: 12/11/23