The Instrumentation Center


Super Resolution Microscope

Nikon N-STORM Super Resolution Microscope & FRET


  • Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy
  • Lateral resolution of ~20 nm
  • Axial resolution of ~50 nm
  • Multi-color imaging capability
  • High definition, high density images
  • NIS-Elements Software
    • Multi-channel images
    • Time lapse
    • Multipoint functionality
    • Image stitching
    • Multidimensional image display
    • 2D/3D Deconvolution
  • FRET (Fluorescence (Förster) Resonance Energy Transfer) capabilities

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Gadient

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

JEOL JSM-7500F with EDS Detector Attachment


  • Cold Cathode Field Emission Microscope
  • Analyses samples up to dia. = 200 mm x height = 10 mm
  • Various detectors, including:
    • LABE - STEM - EBIC - EDS  
  • Cyber Enabled
  • EDS attachment can be used for elemental mapping
  • For an introduction to EDS theory and considerations for sample analysis see this video from the CMSC
  • Gold and Carbon specimen coating available 
  • Typical Operations Manual can be found here
  • A Guide to Scanning Microscope Observation can be found here
  • Here is an informative video about choosing the right SEM parameters:
  • All samples must be completely dried before being placed in the SEM. If you need help with chemical drying, please contact Cassandra. 

Contact: Cassandra Zamora

*Image above taken on our instrument of diatom

Reserve Instrument SEM Image Database S.C.O.P.E. Outreach

   Stereoscopic Light Microscope 

Olympus SZX7


  • Olympus SC100 camera directly attached
  • Digital imaging
  • Live video recording
  • Images and measurements can be taken and viewed via a computer

Here are the manuals for the Microscope and Illuminator Stand and a short Video explaining the proper setup. 

Contact: Dr. Kristin Kirschbaum

Last Updated: 7/15/24