The Instrumentation Center

Clinical Cryostat for Sectioning

Leica CM1950 cryostat


  • UVC disinfection
  • CryoZone cooling system for consistent, high quality sectioning
  • Vibration free sectioning
  • Sectioning thickness: 1-100 µm
  • Trimming range: 10-600 µm

Interested users should watch this video before contacting Instrumentation Center staff for training.

For detailed instructions on operating the cryostat, click here.

Contact: Geraud Valentin


Reserve Instrument

All labs must supply the following for the Cryostat. Click here to access the website then search for the item number listed below:

High profile blades: 14035838926

Low profile blades: 14035838926

 Magnetic brush: 14018340426

70 mm-50 µm Antiroll plate: 14047742491

70 mm-100 µm Antiroll plate: 14047742492

70 mm-150 µm Antiroll plate: 14047742493




Last Updated: 7/15/24