The Office Of Accessibility and Disability Resources

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ADR Community Resources

Approved Interpreter Vendeors


Main campus:

  • University of Toledo Psychology Clinic University Hall – Room 1380
    • Address: 2801 W. Bancroft Street Toledo, OH 43606-3390
    • Phone: 419.530.2721
  • University of Toledo Counseling Center Main Campus Medical Center Main Entrance
    • Address: 2801 W. Bancroft Street Toledo, OH 43606
    • Phone: 419.530.2426

Off Campus Testing Services:

  • Dr. Audry Ellenwood Diagnosing LD, ADD/ADHD
    • Address: 3454 Oak Alley Court, Suite 305 Toledo, OH 43606

    • Phone: 419.534.2468
  • Dr. Dielman Diagnosing ADD/ADHD
    • Address: 5600 Monroe Street, Suite 103B Sylvania, OH 43560
    • Phone: 419.885.5952
  • Dr. Jennifer Simkins-Bullock Diagnosing TBI

    • Address: 3949 Sunforest Court, Suite 105 Toledo, OH 43623

    • Phone: 419.475.8809
  • Dr. Jerome Zake Diagnosing LD, ADD/ADHD

    • Address: 3454 Oak Alley Court, Suite 305 Toledo, OH 43606
    • Phone: 419.534.2468
  • PTG Psychoeducational Services Polly Taylor-Gerken, ED.S., NCSP Licensed School Psychologist

Off Campus Counseling/Therapy Services and Emotional Support Animal Verification:

  • Bill Roman, MA, LPC, MDiv
    • Address: 3130 Executive Parkway, Suite 908 Toledo, OH 43606

    • Phone: 419.785.8934
  • Charlotte Simms Dabbs, Ph.D.
    • Address: 3435 Oak Ally Court, Suite 305 Toledo, OH 43606
    • Phone: 419.534.2468
  • Linda VanderPol, LPCC-S

    • Address: 3454 Oak Ally Court, Suite 201 Toledo, OH 43606

    • Phone: 419.531.3337
  • Stephanie J. Moldawsky, LPCC

    • Address: 3454 Oak Alley Court, Suite 400A Toledo, OH 43606
    • Phone: 419.605.4573

NOTE: The student bears the cost of diagnostic testing/completion of any necessary paperwork. Insurance may or may not cover the cost. Students should contact their insurance company prior to making any appointment or ask when making their appointments.



Visit Apple Accessibility YouTube channel to learn about accessibility options and personalizing your device.

Seeing AI is a talking camera developed for low-vision and blind individuals. It is a free app that assists with navigating the world around you.


Visit Chrome Accessibility YouTube channel to watch and learn about available accessibility options and personalizing your device.

Kindle and Fire Tablet Accessibility


Visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the main campus library, where they will install and license the Microsoft Suite on your computer for free.

The official Microsoft Accessibility website is available here.

Microsoft Windows

Narration is available through the Narrator screen reader. There is a braille version of the guide available here.

Microsoft Office

Dictation is available to all products in the Microsoft Office suite via the “Dictate” feature.

Note Taking is also available using the “Dictate” feature, provided a microphone is available for the professor to use.

Text-To-Speech capabilities are built into every Microsoft Office product though the “Speak” command.

Microsoft Edge

The official Microsoft Edge Accessibility Features website is available here.

Text-To-Speech is available using the “Read Aloud” feature.

Last Updated: 10/8/21