Procedure for paying NRA Students with pending Social Security Numbers

1.  The hiring department will complete form “Verification of Employment” and give to the student to take to the Office of International Student Services.

2.  The Office of International Student Services will verify employment eligibility and complete Form I-9.   A certified true copy of the I-9, a cover letter written to the hiring department and a letter written to the Social Security Administration will be given to the student.  The student will take the social security letter and the Verification of Employment form to the Social Security Administration office to apply for a social security number.  The Office of International Student Services will provide the student with written instructions regarding this procedure.  The instructions will also indicate the importance of taking their social security card to Career Services or to the Graduate School as soon as it’s received (depending on the type of employment).

3.  The office of International Student Services will retain the original I-9.

4.  At the time of application, the Social Security Administration will provide the student with a receipt as proof that they have applied.

5.  The student will take the receipt, the certified true copy of their I-9 and the department cover letter to the hiring department (this process is included in the written instructions given to the student by the Office of International Student Services).

6.  The department will then forward the receipt issued by the Social Security Administration and I-9 copy along with the Personnel Action Form to either Career Services or the Graduate School for signatures (the I-9 copy is included as verification to either area that it has been completed – the I-9 should not be sent the Payroll).  PA’s without a social security number will be assigned an alternate ID while waiting for the number to be provided.  The alternate ID must be obtained from the Payroll office.

7.  Upon completion of steps 1 through 6, the student may begin working.

8.  Hourly students should submit their hours in accordance with University procedures.

9.  Career Services or Graduate School will enter the student into the system under the alternate ID as long as the receipt is attached to the PA.  Without the receipt, the student will not be put into the system and will not receive a check.

10.  A log of all students issued an alternate ID will be tracked.  Once the student has received their SSN, Payroll must be notified so the SSN can be recorded and the student taken off the exception list.  This tracking is for the purpose of issuing correct W2’s at year end.   

11.  If the SSN is not received by year end, a W2 will be issued with a social security number of 000-00-0000.

12.  When received, the student will take their SSN card to Career Services or Graduate School where the system will be updated with the new number.

13.  If the employee is a staff or faculty member, Human Resources or the Provost office must contact Payroll to obtain an alternate ID number as a log is kept to monitor and track the alternate ID.  This alternate ID should only be given with a copy of the social security number receipt proving that the individual has applied for their social security number.

14.  Once the social security number has been obtained, Payroll must be notified to update the log. 

Last Updated: 6/27/22