W2 Information

2020 W-2 Instructions (Explanation of W2 boxes)

W-2 Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will my W-2 be mailed? W-2 forms are mailed to your permanent address. Make sure your address is up to date through the Update Addresses and Phones link on your MyUT tab.

How do I elect to receive my W-2 electronically? Follow directions found here.

Why does box 1 on my W-2 not match my gross salary from my last pay stub? Your federal applicable gross in Box 1 represents what is taxable under IRS rules. This will equal your gross wages less any pre-tax deductions (medical premiums, Retirement System contributions, deferred comp, etc.) plus any taxable benefits (imputed income, graduate tuition waiver, etc.).

What is the difference between box1 and box 5? Box 1 lists your federal applicable gross. Box 5 lists your Medicare applicable gross. The main difference is that your retirement system contributions are pre-federal tax deductions, but they are not pre- tax items for Medicare purposes.

I moved last year but my W-2 has the incorrect state listed/school district listed. What do I do? The payroll office is not notified of any address changes. If your address change has tax implications please contact payroll as soon as possible so we can change your withholdings going forward. Email the payroll office at and let them know what is being withheld incorrectly. They will send you back the appropriate forms to rectify the problem. For your prior tax year withheld state taxes, Ohio and Michigan have a reciprocity agreement, but you will need to file tax returns with both states (one to get a refund the other to report your actual wages).

Where are retirement deductions listed on my W-2? Retirement deductions are not listed separately. Since they are exempt from taxation they are accounted for in Box 1 of your W-2. Box 13 is checked to acknowledge enrollment in a retirement program.

I no longer work for UT, how do I get my W-2? Your W-2 will be mailed to your last permanent address on file with The University of Toledo. If your address changes update via MyUT employee tab.

Which tax forms are distributed by Payroll? Form W-2 and 1042s forms are distributed by the Payroll Department. The 1095c form will be distributed by Human Resources, the 1099-MISC form by Accounts Payable, and the 1098-T through the Treasurer’s Office.

Who receives form 1042s? Form 1042s is sent to NRA employees who took advantage of a tax treaty for exemption from Federal Taxes and to NRA students who received non-qualified scholarship payment. Per IRS guidelines, Form 1042s will be distributed by March 15 each year.

I lost my W-2. How do I request a reprint? Please contact the payroll office at 419-530-8780 or email Be sure to include full name, Rocket Number, and address where the reprint should be mailed.


If you have questions, please contact the Payroll Department at 1-419-530-8780.



Last Updated: 6/27/22