Employment and Income Verifications

As of August 1, 2016 The University of Toledo is using JobTrax’s to provide automated verifications of employment and income (VOE/VOI) to third party verifiers.

  1. You will use this process when you need to have your current employment or salary verified, for example when you apply for a car loan, a home mortgage, apartment lease or any other type of loan.  Please direct those verifiers to
  2. Provide the verifier with the University of Toledo Company Code: 2419.
  3. Provide the verifier with your University of Toledo Identification Number (Rocket Number) or your First Name, MI, Last Name & DOB.


*  For INCOME verifications YOU control who has access to your information.  Please visit, login and generate an authorization code to distribute to your verifier.  (THIS IS NOT REQUIRED FOR EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION ONLY). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: University of Toledo Human Resources and Payroll personnel will NO LONGER handle requests for Verifications of Employment and Income. All requests will be directed to JobTrax.


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Last Updated: 6/27/22