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Webtime Entry and Timecard Procedure

Webtime Entry:

Students - Instructions for entering hours worked - Webtime Entry

Supervisors - Instructions for approving student hours worked Webtime Entry

Supervisors - Instructions for setting up a proxy 


Rejected Timecard Correction Procedure

Current Rejected Timecards
(To access this secured file, a valid faculty, staff or student Utad ID is required.  Also, Mozilla Firefox is recommended for viewing this web file.  You can contact the help desk at (419) 530-2400 for free installation of Firefox.)

Please assign someone in your area (and a back up for them) to review the rejected timecard list. The normal day to review the list is on the Tuesday before payday, however there are times when this day is moved due to holidays. If you find that there is a rejected timecard for your area, please see that it is corrected by 1:00 pm that day. It is the department’s responsibility to check for rejects and make any necessary corrections to ensure the proper payment of their employees. Manual checks will not be cut if the department fails to review and correct the rejected timecards, so please be sure that your area checks the list every pay.

If there are any issues or concerns with the completion and approval of timecards, please feel free to contact the Payroll Department at 419-530-8780.

Time Cards:

The Payroll Department has updated the timecard procedure to improve efficiency and quality of processing.

To ensure that we have less errors leading to unpaid employees, we will now be posting the Rejected Timecard List by 9:00am on Tuesday of pay week, with corrections needing to be in by 1:00pm that day. As always, corrections can be emailed to the Payroll Department email at

The number of rejected timecards has been growing over the past few pays. Payroll has dedicated a person this week to contact those areas to get them corrected to be paid, but we also need help from the departments to submit correct timecards within the timelines given.

With many new departments, and people that are approving timecards for their employees, I have include the timecard policy for clarification on the procedures:

Payroll Timecard Policy

Student and Seasonal/Temporary Employees are to complete timecards to submit hours worked. Timecards are due in the Payroll office by Friday before the payday at 5pm.

Timecards should be completed legibly in ink with the employee’s name, Rocket number, department, in and out times, totaled and signed. Before approving the card, the authorized signer should verify the hours and provide a rate of pay, position number, index number, and account code to which the hours are to be charged. Failure to complete the lower portion of the timecard in its entirety will result in the time card being rejected. Please remember that an employee must have an active assignment on the account for hours to be assigned to it. A sample timecard with detailed instructions can be found at


Last Updated: 6/26/15