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Getting Nimble: Creating Blended Courses for an Uncertain Fall

As you know, while we are planning to resume on campus classes this fall, with provisions for social distancing that may mean staggered class meetings, the pandemic has thrown certainty out the window. Faculty may wish to prepare their courses now for flexible delivery.

Creating a blended course is one way to give yourself the flexibility that allows you to be prepared to teach to your own high standards, regardless of what fall brings. Blended courses weave together the best of online teaching with the best active learning and community-building strategies of face-to-face classes.

Here are some resources we have orchestrated for your use:

Blended Course Design Resources and Toolkit

Resources, information and an interactive toolkit for creating your blended course.

Blended Course Design Workshops

Click this link to let us know if you are interested in joining a collaborative group to redesign your existing course on a blended model using the toolkit provided above.  This will be a series of several one-hour virtual workshops during the summer term.

A Recording space with technology support

Classroom Support Services has provided a socially safe space for recording voice-over PowerPoints, Echo 360, Blackboard Collaborate, etc. 
Click here to learn more.

Electronic Resources

The University Teaching Center's Hybrid Teaching LibGuide, curated by the UToledo Librarians, provides electronic resources for designing or redesigning your course.  You can also visit the UTC LibGuide for more resources.

Last Updated: 6/4/20