University Policy

Psychiatry - CMH Certified Services

3364-160-CR-101 Diagnostic Assessment
3364-160-CR-102 Physical Health Screening
3364-160-CR-104 Consent for Treatment
3364-160-CR-105 Individual Service Plan
3364-160-CR-106 Progress Note
3364-160-CR-107 Transfer/Discharge Summary
3364-160-CR-110 Suicide Risk Assessment
3364-160-G-101 Governing Body
3364-160-PIOR-101 Performance Improvement
3364-160-PIOR-102 Consumer Outcomes
3364-160-HR-111 Supervision of Clinical Staff
3364-160-HR-121 Drug Theft
3364-160-SD-101 Mechanical Restraint and Seclusion
3364-160-SD-102 Physical Restraint (Physical Holding of Children/Youth)
3364-160-SD-118 Self-Administration of Medications
3364-160-SD-120 Receiving, Storage, Inventory & Destruction of Medications
3364-160-SD-121 Admission Criteria for Mental Health Day Treatment Services
3364-160-SD-122 Discharge Criteria for Partial Hospitalization (PH) Services
3364-160-SD-128 Client Identification
3364-160-SD-129 Polypharmacy
3364-160-SD-130 High Dose Pharmacotherapy
3364-160-SD-131 Prevention, Identification and Management of Tardive Dyskinesia
3364-160-SD-136 Admission Criteria for Outpatient Services
3364-160-SD-142 Admission Criteria for Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) Services
3364-160-SD-143 Discharge Criteria for Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) Services
3364-160-SD-144 Psychiatric Advance Directives
3364-160-SD-145 Admission Criteria for Intensive Outpatient Services
3364-160-SD-146 Discharge Criteria for OP AoD Services
3364-160-SD-147 OP -AoD Patient Orientation
3364-160-SD-148 OP -AoD Toxicology Screening
3364-160-SD-151 Medication Management
3364-160-SD-152 Admission Criteria for Pain Rehabilitation Program
3364-160-SPH-118 Psychiatric Programs' Passenger Van(s)
Abstinence Based Programming
Diluted Drug Screens
Drugs and Illegal Substances
Group Guidelines
Potential Treatment Interventions
Psycho-educational Groups
Suicide Risk Screen
Violence Risk Screen




Last Updated: 3/26/21