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David J. Nemeth

Dr.David NemethProfessor

Director B.A. Program

Office SM 3021
Phone 419.530.4049

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Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, 1984 – Geography
Diploma United States Defense Language Institute, 1979 – Korean Language
M.A. California State University, Northridge, 1970 – Geography
B.A. California State University, Northridge, 1966 – Political Science


My current researches continue to track from past to future along three broad avenues:

1) Cultural/ethnic geography, with emphases on those groups whose occupations and industries are perceived by outsiders as "shadow" (informal or underground) economies; for example, Gypsies (Romanies) and Travelers;
2) Asia, with emphases on South Korea and Jeju Island;
3) Philosophy and Methodology in Geography, which includes the history of geographic thought and current trends in the academic discipline.

Related to these general paths, I tend to promote the concepts of "enlightened underdevelopment" and "extreme [human] geography" in most of my published researches and in my classroom and online teaching. Many of the MA thesis projects I have supervised explored and elaborated these sorts of topics, concepts and issues. The titles some selected examples are:

"Between Nada and Nietzsche: Geographical Dimensions of Hemingway's 'Clean Well-Lighted Place';" "Geography: Undisciplined by Virtue of Her Relativism;" "My Search for William Bunge;" "Borderlands: A Poetic Hermeneutic on the Cultural Morphology of the Northern Irish Landscape;" "The Covered Staircases of Toledo;" "An Ethnography of the Egyptian Ghawazee;" "Irish Travelers Exposed: A Critique of the Toogood Case;" "Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills: The Architecture of Ideology in a Contested Space;" "Personal Reflections in Berlin's Built Environment: Ideology and Symbolism in the Government District;" "Relativism Within Geography;" "Rix's Bears;" "Secrets Beneath the Soil: A Mixed Methods Necrogeographic Investigation of Romany ("Gypsy") Memorial Sites;" "Tropical Africa and Generation Kalashnikov: the AK47's Role in Shaping an African Identity;" "Where the Sidewalk Ends (and Social Process Begins) : An Evaluation of New Urbanism and a Postmodern Proposal of Social Process Planning;" (and others). 



GEPL 2030 - Cultural Geography
GEPL 3610 - Conservation and Resources
GEPL 4/5310/LST 4980 - Geography of Gypsies (Romanies) and Travelers
GEPL 6100 - Philosophy and Methodology
SISS  8010 - Foundations of Spatially Integrated Social Science 

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