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  • World Languages and Cultures Department Directory of Faculty and Staff 
  • Course Descriptions and Information
  • Courses highlighting racial diversity - search for one of these courses in the course catalog if you are looking for a world cultures class or a non-U.S. diversity class.
    • Arabic 1080 Culture and Commerce in the Arab World (remote)(NOT an economics course)
    • Arabic 3980 or Middle East Studies MES 2400 Introduction to the contemporary cultures of the Middle East through movies and arts (online)
    • Chinese 1090 Chinese Culture (taught in English) (online)
    • FLAN 2700 World Cultures through Literature and Cinema in Translation (taught in English)
    • FLAN 3440 Intercultural Communication: Principles and Practice (taught in English) (online)
    • French 1090 French and Francophone culture in the modern world (taught in English) (online)
    • French 3400 Cross Cultural Understanding (F2F) (spring semester)
    • German 1090 Modern German Culture (taught in English) (spring semester)
    • Japanese 1090 Introduction to Japanese Culture (taught in English)
    • Spanish 1080 Culture & Commerce in the Spanish Speaking World – this is not an economics course (taught in English) (online)
    • Spanish 1090 Culture of Latin America (taught in English) (online)
    • Spanish 1100 Culture of Spain (taught in English) (online)
    • Spanish 3410 Spanish Culture and Civilization (face to face)
  • Student Clubs and Organizations
  • International Food Guide
  • Internships and Study Abroad
  • Foreign Language Learning Center
  • Master's Programs in French, German, and Spanish
  • Graduate Reading Exams

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Faculty and instructors

The World Languages and Cultures Department is committed to keeping you safe, while honoring your commitment to learn. Many helpful guides and resources are available on the University website. We are available to you in-personby phone, or by email. Find your professor's contact information to schedule appointments and keep the communication flowing.

Administrative team

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advisor Information

Need to learn about your program's requirements? Find your department advisor:

French Advisor
Dr. Linda Rouillard
FH 2400E X2029

Arabic Minor
Dr. Gaby Semaan
FH 2400N X2546

Spanish Advisor, A-H
Dr. Juan Martin
FH 2400H X2081

Spanish Advisor, I-Z
Dr. Kathleen Thompson-Casado
FH 2400C X2951


Student Clubs and Organizations

Build bonds with students who share your goals and interests.

Internships and Study Abroad

Apply the knowledge you've gained in an impactful way by completing internships and studying abroad.

Foreign Language Learning Center

Access our media-driven learning lab, reserved exclusively for those of you pursuing foreign language courses. Watch international TV and movies, browse dictionaries and language aids, and focus on course work on one of 54 dual-platform computers. 

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