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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I view my account charges?

Answer: Students can check at the A.L.I. front desk and request an account statement for their A.L.I. tuition. To check The University of Toledo-related charges (healthcare, parking, TB test, etc.) to your account, you must visit

Question: How much is tuition at the A.L.I.?

Answer: The tuition for one term (7 weeks) is $2,400. The tuition for one semester (2 x 7 weeks) is $4,260.

Question: Do I need health insurance?

Answer: Yes, all students at The University of Toledo are required to have health insurance. (Students who are on scholarship and have their own insurance are not required to purchase additional coverage.) If you do not provide proof of insurance when you register and pay for classes, the university health insurance package (general care, vision, dental) will be placed on your account. To learn more about insurance options at The University of Toledo, please visit:

 Question: How long will I have to study English?

Answer: This depends on the level you started in, your aptitude for learning languages, and your ability to study consistently. The following time frames should give you a better understanding of how long it takes to complete A.L.I.:

  • Foundations: 5-7 semesters of study
  • Basic Level: 4-6 semesters of study
  • Intermediate Level: 3-4 semesters of study
  • Advanced Level: 2-3 semesters of study
  • Graduate Access: one semester of study, or longer, depending on your entry scores


Question: How can I move from level to level?

Answer: Students at the American Language Institute can advance to the next level based on their grades or possibly their scores on the Progress Test and/or TOEFL ITP.

 Question: I have an emergency on campus. Who do I call?

Answer: The phone number for the campus police is 419-530-2600. You can always dial 911 and be connected to the police, but you can also call the campus police directly.

Question: What is the attendance policy at American Language Institute?

Answer: Students are required to attend 85% of classes to be able to use the Progress Test or GPA for advancement to the next level. 

Question: How am I doing in my classes?

Answer: All instructors at the A.L.I. have daily office hours. Please visit your instructors whenever you have questions about your progress. You will also receive reports in week 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the term. If you are worried about failing a class, see your instructor immediately. Do not wait until after final exams are complete.

Question: I have a problem with a student in one of my classes. What can I do?

Answer: Talk to your instructor immediately. All students at The University of Toledo are required to follow the Code of Conduct. Your instructor will also alert the director of the American Language Institute of the situation.

Question: I have a personal problem in my life that is affecting my academic progress. What can I do?

Answer: The director of the A.L.I. would like to meet with you. Together, you and the director will find the right solutions to your problems. If you would prefer to speak to someone else about your situation, please view the following on-campus

resources: Counseling Center: Medical Center:

Question: I just arrived in the United States and I do not have a permanent address yet. Can you wait a few weeks before I give you my address?

Answer: The University of Toledo is required to inform SEVIS of your permanent address by the start of the term. If you do not have a permanent address yet, please give us an address where you currently reside. We will report that address to SEVIS. Then, when you move to your permanent address, update your records at

Question: My dormitory is closing during the break. What should I do?

Answer: The Office of Residence Life will assign you a temporary dorm room to use during break times. You can contact your residence hall advisor to get more details on where and when you will be moving.

Question: Can I study for the TOEFL at home instead of going to classes?

Answer: It is not a good idea for you to study exclusively for the TOEFL. You came to the United States to learn the language, not to study for the TOEFL in your apartment. To pass your academic class, you will need to show solid skills in writing, reading,

listening, and speaking. Additionally, studying for the TOEFL at the expense of your A.L.I. classes is a violation of your visa status. You are required to follow American Language Institute policies governing your grades, attendance, and progress toward completing the program.

Question: Can I receive a certificate that shows I have passed English?

Answer: The American Language Institute does not issue a certificate. You can request a completion letter from the A.L.I. office, which will show the classes you have taken and the test scores you have reached.

Last Updated: 8/14/18