Office of International Student Services

Conversation Partner Activities


1.Deadline for International Student Applications: to be arranged at A.L.I. – Though international students are encouraged to apply at the beginning of the semester for maximum benefit, applications are now being accepted throughout the year.

2. International Student Interviews: to be arranged at A.L.I.

3. For American Conversation Partners, we will contact you about orientation once we've received your application.


4. The Gathering (party where all International and American Conversation Partners will meet):  September 25, 2022, at 6:00pm in the CISP office (Snyder Memorial, Room 1000).  Participants should check their emails, and contact Andy Langdon if you have any questions at


If you would like to download a map of the UT main campus, please click on this link:

UT Map

Last Updated: 7/14/22