Office of International Student Services

Toledo International Hospitality Program (TIHP)


Name of the Event Locations and Times

American Friendship Families Orientation

All in-person orientations will be held at Water for Ishmael (see below).

1. Thursday February 3,  2022 at 7pm

2. Monday February 7, 2022 at 7pm

TIHP Valentines Party  

Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 6pm in the UT Student Union Ingman Room (see below)


Directions to Water for Ishmael, 20 Arco Drive, Toledo OH 43607

 Head east on Hill Avenue from the intersection of S. Byrne Road and Hill Avenue

Turn right onto Arco Drive.

Water for Ishmael is on the SW corner of Hill and Arco.


Directions to UT Student Union Ingman Room


From Secor, heading east on Bancroft Street

Turn Right (south) onto Campus Rd. (near Ferdos restaurant)

Park in Lot 13, on the right, just after the first stop sign. 

If you need to drop people and pumpkins off, you can go past the entrance to lot 13, and turn left onto West Centennial Drive.  There is a road and a turnaround at the Student Union building.  You can drop off people there and then return to lot 13 to park.

To walk to the Student Union after parking, and to find the Auditorium:

Walk down West Centennial Drive past the Memorial Field House (on your left)

Pass the bus loop and walk along the north edge of the Student Union into Centennial Mall.

Pass the fountain and enter the doors to the right of the main entrance behind the fountain.

Take the ramp up to the next level (2nd floor).  

At the top of the ramp you will turn left and head through the doors straight ahead.  

You will pass through a lobby area, and the Ingman Room will be directly in front of you.

UT Map

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Last Updated: 6/21/22