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The Education Abroad office often hires USAC alumni to work in the Education abroad office.  For these opportunities, USAC Ambassadors typically work 10-15 hours each week; this is a paid position.

usac logoAmbassadors represent USAC on UToledo’s campus, serving as the direct connection between our students and the resources available to help them get abroad! Duties include classroom presentations, talking with (and encouraging!) students about navigating various study abroad opportunities, and tabling in the Student Union.

To see if there are current opportunities, please check Handshake.

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This student organization provides a space for study abroad alumni to share their abroad experiences and connect with like-minded individuals. See the organization on Invonet.

For more information, contact Education Abroad Office.

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Now that you are back and possibly planning for graduation you may be thinking about how to incorporate this experience into your resume. Here are some examples of skills gained through education abroad that can enhance your resume or to share during an interview: 

    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Intercultural Communication Skills
    • Global Business Practices
    • Diversity Training
    • Cultural Competency
    • Overcoming Adversity
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Self-reliance
    • Self-confidence
    • Language Skills


Study Abroad can be listed under your education section. If you did an internship or job abroad, it can be listed under your work experience. Consider creating a section on your resume called "International Experience."  Add a bullet point in the education section of your resume under the university where you studied listing any specific studies (i.e., language, culture, international business, etc.).


A cover letter is an excellent chance for you to sell yourself and to match your skills to those that the employer needs. If it is appropriate to mention your international experience in your cover letter to highlight a skill, then absolutely mention it. Remember to keep your cover letter on point.

During your interview, remember to only use stories from abroad that highlight a skill or help to answer a question about you. As we all know, it is very easy to start talking about our experience overseas and to end up going off on a different topic. Using an example from your abroad experience to answer a personal question is a good way to illustrate some of the practical skills we mentioned above that are inherent to studying abroad such as interpersonal skills, overcoming adversity or self-reliance.


Last Updated: 3/23/23