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fountainIf you have questions, please contact the Education Abroad Office at

To review direct exchange and affiliate partner programs, visit UToledo Education Abroad Programs.

Faculty-Led Trips

To plan a faculty-led study abroad trip, complete the Faculty-Led Education Abroad Registration form. 

The proposal and all supplemental materials must be submitted by the appropriate deadline noted on the form.  Submit all materials to the Education Abroad Office at


For Advisors

Course Forms

Education Abroad Course Approval Form (undergraduate)

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Partnership Transcript Information

CIS Abroad Grade Translations and Credit Information

UToledo Special Topic Courses

Course Equivalencies and Guidelines


Review cost/fees involved with various University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) programs. Go to USAC.

Review fees associated with CIS Abroad programs.  Go to CIS Abroad.

cities of the world landmarksEducation Abroad Term Definitions 

Affiliate Study Abroad Programs

Third‐party providers or other U.S. universities facilitate enrollment at a host institution or offer their own courses abroad.  Students pay program fees (tuition and other fees) on their myUT portal.   

Direct Exchange Program

Students pay room and board in the host country and pay UToledo tuition on their myUT portal.   

Course Equivalency

The equivalent courses that a student takes abroad that will appear on their transcript at UToledo. 

Education Abroad Presentations

To request an Education Abroad Presentation, please submit the form on the CISP Website.

To learn more, contact the Education Abroad Office at

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