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Position Number Creation Process-Non Faculty

This process has been created for an easier workflow from Business Manager-HR-Budget in requesting a Position number.

Position Chart

Microsoft Forms Walkthrough with Linkedin
Microsoft Lists Walkthrough with Linkedin

The goal for a business manager/requestor in this process is to ensure to get an accurate Position Control Number (PCN) from budget.  In order to make this process work it is essential that all data utilized in the form above is accurate as possible.  HRIS will be receiving weekly excel updates to the business managers/requestors involved (at this time there are reports in web report library).  If you are in need of this report or a training powerpoint please contact us at hrsupport@utoledo.edu.
All of HR is responsible for ensuring all data is received from the business managers (via the form above), and is placed in correctly to banner to start the business practice of creating a position.  The PowerPoints in each HR Team's tab work through that process and help guide the individuals responsible for this task.
Budget is the final step in this process before it goes back to the business manager.  They review over the data provided from HR and are able to accurately create a new Position Control Number. The Powerpoint works through that process and helps guide the individuals responsible for this task, and can be requested from hrsupport@utoledo.edu.
Last Updated: 7/15/24