UToledo Human Resources

Supervisor Responsibilities

As a supervisor, you will receive weekly informational reports when one of your employees has requested FMLA or has entered intermittent time in for FMLA usage. You will be responsible for utilizing these reports to verify an employee’s FMLA time. The time reported must be consistent between what is reported to FMLA Source and what is being reported for time off through your time reporting system. You will also be notified via email when an employee is returning from a continuous FMLA.

  • Identify the need for the leave:  If an employee is missing multiple days due to medical condition(s);  or if an employee discloses the need for a leave for self or family; or If an employee is injured at work or outside of work - these reasons might qualify for a leave of absence.  Please refer to the Leaves tab.
  • Identify if the employee is eligible for leave.  Any full-time employee that has worked for more than 12 months and at least 1250 hours (32+ hours per week), has a serious medical condition lasting for more than three days (five days for Part-Time employees), would qualify for FMLA.  If those aren't applicable or the employee is new and was working less than full-time or exhausted FMLA allowance - then they might qualify for a Non-FMLA leave.  Please refer them to the Leave of Absence Office.  All military leaves are handled by FMLA Source, including new hires.

  • If an employee is FMLA eligible -  provide them with the FMLA leave instructions.  If an employee is not eligible, refer them to the LOA Office.  If an employee is injured, please make sure  an employee is safe and stable, complete an injury report and refer them to the Worker's Comp Office at Health Science Campus or Main Campus. Please note, an employee has to submit an application for the LOA to run concurrently with the Worker's Comp Leave.
  • Make sure an employee reports sick time use to the Payroll. PSA employees and faculty members have to submit their time off via the Leave Reporting tool.  Approving leave instructions are found here.  FMLA time off should be reported as FMLA-sick or FMLA-vacation or FMLA-unpaid.
  • Hourly employees on Health Science Campus should report FMLA via API.
  • Hourly employees on Main Campus should report FMLA via TimeClock.
  • Reporting to FMLA source: Continuous FMLA will record automatically with FMLA Source.  Intermittent leaves have to be reported by employee within 24 hours after calling off this is in addition to payroll reporting.  Employees are also required to follow call-off procedures within their department.  Intermittent FMLA reporting instructions are here on page 2.  
  • Supervisors will receive weekly reports on open FMLA leaves and supervisors will also have access to FMLA Source Supervisor Dashboard.  Supervisor Quickstart Instructions are here.  It is the supervisor's responsibility to verify employees are reporting correctly and accurately and to ensure that what is reported in payroll and FMLA source matches.  If late reporting is discovered, supervisor must contact payroll immediately.
  • Employees are required to follow the return to work procedures from any applicable contract.  If employee wishes to return earlier from their leave, please notify department as soon as possible.  If an employee cannot return from their leave on the anticipated return to work date, they must notify their department as soon as possible.  Employees are required to notify department of any planned leaves at least 30 days in advance or as soon as possible for emergency leaves
  • If an employee needs an accommodation after returning from their leave of absence (reduced hours or light duty), please contact the ADA office prior to returning to work.
  • HR Leave of Absence Office will still handle all leaves of absence not covered under FMLA.  Please direct any questions you have to LeaveofAbsence@utoledo.edu.
Last Updated: 7/15/24