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How do I change my 403b voluntary retirement plan contributions?

  1. Go to University of Toledo Retirement Systems Page
  2. Click 403(b) tab  
  3. Select “University of Toledo Retirement@Work” Link
    1. UT Retirement@Work only accessible through provided link on Retirement Systems webpage
  4. Click “Already Registered” to login to your current account, click “Register Now” to set-up your account  
    1. If you are registering a new account, Retirement@Work will ask personal identification questions for security measures, please follow all prompts to complete registration  
    2. If you have issues logging in, you must contact Retirement@Work Customer Service at 844-567-9090
  5. Once logged in, select the blue “Contributions” Tab towards top left of your screen
  6. Next, click the yellow “Manage Contributions” button on right side of your screen
  7. Enter your contribution information, then click “next”
    1. When do you want contributions to start?  
    2. How much do you want to contribute per paycheck?  
    3. How would you like to allocate your funds (Pre-Tax, Roth, or both)?  
  8. Select your vendor(s), then click “next”
    1. TIAA, VOYA, Fidelity, Corebridge(AIG)
    2. Please refer to “Vendor Comparison Guide” to help select your vendor or consult with a financial professional to assist you in making best decision for your retirement goals
  9. Review your contributions, check “I have read and accept these Terms and Conditions”, then click “Confirm”
  10. If you are creating a new account or selecting a new vendor, you MUST open a 403(b) account with the vendor you selected. Please refer to the “Vendor Contact & Plan Codes” under the 403(b) tab to begin your setup.
  11. Once your account is open with your vendor(s), congratulations! You have successfully updated/began new contributions to your 403(b) account!  
Last Updated: 2/28/24