UToledo Human Resources

How Do I Change My 457b Voluntary Retirement Plan Contributions?

  1. Go to University of Toledo Retirement Systems Page 
  2. Click 457(b) tab  
  3. Click “Ohio Deferred Compensation” Website  
  4. If you already have an account, enter your username then click “login”. If you are creating a new account, click “Sign Up”
    1. For any issues logging in or creating an account, please contact ODC Customer Service at 877-644-6457
  5. Once logged in, click “View Details” on right hand side for your Ohio 457 Account Type  
  6. Then, click “Contributions”  
  7. On right hand side, select red “Change” button  
  8. Add your desired contribution amount per paycheck and allocation amount, then click “Next” at bottom of page
    1. $15/pay minimum
    2. We recommend working with a financial professional to help you decide investment options that best fits your retirement goals or you can “View Fund Performance”  
  9. Review your contribution and allocation selections, then click “Complete” at bottom of page.  
  10. Congratulations you have successfully updated your 457(b) contributions!  
Last Updated: 2/28/24