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Environment of Care

UTMC promotes a safe, functional, and supportive environment within the hospital so that quality and safety are preserved.  The Environment of Care, under The Joint Commission, cover;  the building or space, including how it is arranged and special features that protect patients, visitors, and staff; the equipment used to support patient care or to safely operate the building or space; and the people, including those who work within the hospital, patients, and anyone else who enters the environment, all of whom have a role in minimizing risks.

A multi disciplinary group meets and rounds on a regular basis to address risks under the Environment of Care.  Important aspects of the environment are addressed through Safety Management, Security Management, Hazardous Materials and Waste Management, Fire Safety Management, Medical Equipment Management, and Utility Management.

Environment of Care Resources

Environmental Rounds Resources

Oxygen Storage Training Power Point/Oxygen Storage Training Pamphlet

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Last Updated: 6/27/22