Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

Needlesticks/Exposure to Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials


The UTMC Needlestick Task Force is comprised of members from Environmental Health and Radiation Safety, Infection Control, The Operating Room, The Emergency Department, Family Medicine, Pathology, Nursing Administration, and Purchasing.

Safety devices and work practice controls can significantly reduce needlesticks and other exposures to blood in the occupational setting.

The Task Force has been working on an educational campaign to increase awareness of needlesticks/exposure to blood and other infectious materials and to educate on proper work practice controls. 

An inventory of current safety devices is also on-going while investigating new technology to reduce the risk of needlesticks.


Bloodborne Pathogens and Exposure Control Plan

Injury/Illness Form

Post Exposure Process and Follow-up

Occupational Exposure Process (Flow Chart-Hospital)

Educational Information

CDC Preventing Needlesticks

Departmental Links

Student and Employee Health Services

Infection Control

Last Updated: 12/19/19