Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

UT Procedures and Plans

1. Emergency Preparedness
2. Safety
3. Life Safety
4. Security Management
5. Hazardous Materials
6. Medical Equipment
7. Utility System

Procedure No. Subject Review/Revision Date
EP-08-001 Code Yellow - Mass Casualty Disaster Procedure 5/3/23
EP-08-002 Code Gray - Severe Weather/Tornado Response Procedure 5/6/24
EP-08-002 Appendix A Code Gray - Severe Weather/Tornado Safe Waiting Locations 5/6/24
EP-08-003 Code Orange -Emergency Management of Hazardous Chemical and Radioactive Contamination Cases Within the Emergency Department 3/7/24
EP-08-003F1-5 Code Orange Figures 1-5 3/7/24
EP-08-004 Code Black - Bomb Threats 12/8/23
EP-08-004Addendum Bomb Threat Checklist 12/8/23
EP-08-005 Code Green - Internal Evacuation Procedure 12/07/23
EP-08-006 Emergency Preparedness Drills 1/4/24
EP-08-007 Emergency Procedures for Off-Campus Locations 5/3/23
EP-08-008 Code White -Emergency Staffing Due to Severe Weather/ Snow Storm 2/1/24
EP-08-009 UTMC Emergency Operations Plan 1/11/24
EP-08-010 Infectious Disease Agent Plan for Campus Operations 9/7/22
EP-08-011 Emergency Communication System Plan 4/28/23
EP-08-012 Mass Fatality Plan 2/9/24
EP-08-014 Code Copper - Communication Involving Utility Failure 8/23/23
EP-08-014 Appendix A Code Copper - If Loss of Water, Steam, Electrical 8/23/23
EP-08-014 Appendix B Code Copper - System Failure, Basic Staff Response 8/23/23
EP-08-015 Code Violet - Violent Situation 8/5/23
EP-08-016  Continuity of Operations Plan 5/10/24
EP-08-017 Infectious Disease Agent and Max Surge Plan 4/12/23
EP-08-018 Disaster Volunteer Deployment Managment Plan 7/14/23
EP-08-019 Institutional Emergency Operations Plan 1/2024
EP-08-020 Flood Emergency Response Plan 1/3/22
S-08-000 Safety Management Plan


S-08-001 Institutional Safety and Health Programs 06/2/22
S-08-002 Institutional Safety and Health Committees 9/13/22
S-08-003 Safety & Health Training 9/21/22
S-08-004 Aerial Work Platforms/Scissors Lift 12/20/23
S-08-005 Injury and Illness Investigations 11/7/22
S-08-006 Passengers Inside Malfunctioning Elevators 9/21/22
S-08-007 Environmental Safety Rounds 5/14/24
S-08-008 Fleet Safety Program  4/24/23
S-08-008 Appendix A Fleet Safety Program Forms 4/20/22
S-08-009 Portable Space Heaters 5/6/22
S-08-010 Fall Protection Program 8/22/23
S-08-011 Specimen Transport in Computerized Tube System 12/16/22
S-08-012 Super Conducting Magnets (MRI/NMR) 03/08/23
S-08-013 Tent Safety Procedure 4/24/24
S-08-014 Control of Hazardous Energy Sources (Lockout/Tagout) and Electrical Safe Work Practices 9/30/22
S-08-015 Proper Storage Procedures and Maintenance of Storage Areas 5/6/22
S-08-016 Emergency Eye Washes and Safety Showers 1/26/23
S-08-017 Summoning Emergency Medical Assistance for Injured Persons on Campus 9/21/22
S-08-018 Reporting Work Related Injury/Illness for Employees, Student Employees and Students 10/21/22
S-08-019 Confined Space Entry Permit Program 12/09/22
S-08-019 Appendix A Confined Space Classification Form 12/09/22
S-08-020 Electrically Powered Devices 5/12/23
S-08-021 Foot Protection/Eye Protection (Safety Shoes/Prescription Safety Glasses) 1/20/23
S-08-022 PERRP 300 Illness & Injury Log Recordkeeping 10/28/22
S-08-023 Report of Animal Bites 1/7/22
S-08-024 Crane and Hoist Safety Program 9/14/18
S-08-025 Ergonomics 11/3/22
S-08-028 Environmental Focus 12/16/22
S-08-029 Hearing Conservation Program 4/29/22
S-08-030 Reporting Safety and Health Concerns 9/21/22
S-08-031 Laboratory Fume Hoods 3/21/22
S-08-032 Personal Protective Equipment 3/08/23
S-08-032 Appendix B Hazard Assessment and Selection of Personal Protective Equipment 3/08/23
S-08-033 Right of Refusal to Work 9/21/22
S-08-034 Respiratory Protection Program 12/14/22
S-08-037 Extension Cords 10/28/21
S-08-039 Tagging of Defective Equipment 8/21/22
S-08-040 Inspection of Non-Patient Care Electrical Equipment 8/23/22
S-08-043 Campus Hallways 5/11/23
S-08-045 Inspection Procedures (Regulatory Agencies) 9/21/22
S-08-046 Powered Industrial Trucks 1/21/22
S-08-047 Biological Safety Cabinets 10/31/22
S-08-048 Automated External Defibrillator 11/09/23
S-08-049 Performing Hot Work, Hot Work Permit 11/10/22
S-08-050 Cannon Safety Procedure (UT Home Football Games) 9/5/22
LS-08-000 Fire Safety Management Plan 1/2024
LS-08-001 Code Red - Fire Response Procedure 1/22/24
LS-08-002 Code Red – (Fire) Drills 12/7/22
LS-08-004 Fire Response Team Training 1/10/24
LS-08-005 Fire Extinguisher Location/Placement, Testing and Maintenance 8/11/22
LS-08-006 Testing of Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression System in Patient Care Areas and Residence Halls 1/2/23
LS-08-007 Holiday Decorations and Signage 5/5/22
LS-08-008 Interim Life Safety Measures and Infection Control in Areas of Construction and Renovation 6/15/23
LS-08-008 Appendix A Impairment Procedures Flow Chart 6/15/23
LS-08-008 Appendix B University of Toledo Construction and Renovation Forms 6/15/23
SM-08-000 Security Management Plan 1/2024
SM-08-001 Guidelines for Contacting the Campus Police Department 1/4/22
SM-08-002 Code Adam -Missing Child/Abducted Child 2/15/23
SM-08-003 Elevated Security/Lockdown 2/10/22
SM-08-004 Code Brown -Missing Adult Patient 12/1/23
SM-08-005 Universal Card Access System (Prowatch) 4/20/23
HM-08-000 Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Plan 1/2024
HM-08-001 Collection, Storage, Transport and Disposal of Hazardous Waste 3/15/22
HM-08-002 Laser Systems 10/7/22
HM-08-002 Appendix A Laser Safety Manual 10/7/22
HM-08-003 Compressed Gas and Cryogenic Materials Transport, Use and Storage 2/12/24
HM-08-004 Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks 2/23/24
HM-08-005 Handling of Hazardous Drugs (HD) i.e., Antineoplastic and Carcinogenic Agents 12/10/21
HM-08-006 Radioiodine Bioassay 9/27/22
HM-08-007 After Hours Receipt of Packages Containing Radioactive Material in Research 9/27/22
HM-08-008 Radiation Worker Pregnancies 9/27/22
HM-08-009 Biosafety and Biosecurity Manual  11/29/22
HM-08-010 Radiation Safety 9/27/22
HM-08-011 EPA – Air Containment Compliance 3/13/24
HM-08-013 Hazardous Material Spill Procedures 12/10/21
HM-08-014 Radiation Exposures from Non-University Facilities 9/27/22
HM-08-015 Minors in Research Laboratories 5/26/22
HM-08-016 Environmental/Occupational Monitoring and Medical Surveillance 1/4/23
HM-08-017 Sterilant/Disinfectant Safe Work Practices 10/7/22
HM-08-018 Hazard Communication 4/25/22
HM-08-019 Infectious Waste Disposal 11/03/23
HM-08-020 Disposal and Transportation of Sharps 6/29/23
HM-08-022 Anesthesia Safety and Oxygen Enriched Atmosphere Safety 5/11/23
HM-08-023 Personnel Radiation Monitoring 1/3/22
HM-08-024  Lead Garment Inspection, Identification, and Care  3/12/23
HM-08-025 Asbestos Management Plan 6/15/23
HM-08-026 Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan 1/16/24
HM-08-026 Appendix A Laboratory Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan 1/16/24
HM-08-026 Appendix B Laboratory Safety and Health Manual and Institutional Chemical Hygiene Plan 1/16/24
HM-08-026 Appendix C Toxic Chemical Use Approval Form 1/16/24
HM-08-027 Hazardous Material Fire Safety 9/21/22
HM-08-028 Teratogens Safe Work Practices 5/12/22
HM-08-029 Overexposure to Radiation 9/27/22
HM-08-030 Select Agent and Toxins - Handling, Storage & Access 10/10/22
HM-08-031 Shipping, Packaging and Receipt of Hazardous Materials 9/12/22
HM-08-032 Management of Suspicious Packages 6/21/22
HM-08-033 Universal Wastes, Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention 5/24/23
HM-08-034 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations 9/21/22
HM-08-035 Mold Prevention and Remediation 3/13/24
HM-08-036 Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan 3/31/20
HM-08-037 Equipment Inspection Procedure 9/21/22
HM-08-038 Nanotechnology Safe Work Practices 1/6/22
HM-08-039 Department of Homeland Security Chemical Terrorism Vulnerability Information 3/19/24
HM-08-040 Radiation Safety Hybrid Flexmove FD20 8/3/22
HM-08-041 Stormwater Management Program 8/23/23
HM-08-042 Emergency Contingency Plan for Hazardous Materials Incidents 3/18/24
HM-08-047 Fluoroscopy Training Requirements 2/16/24
HM-08-048 Medical Event Involving Radiation Generating Equipment 1/2023
HM-08-049 Fluoroscopic System Interventional Users  11/9/23
HM-08-050 Medical Event Involving Radioactive Material 8/25/21
HM-08-051 Radiation Safety Committee 12/1/22
HM-08-052 Non-Clinical Authorizers Users of Radioactive Materials 1/19/22
HM-08-053 Communication of New and Revised Policies for Non-Medical Radiation Generating Equipment 6/12/23
ME-08-000 Medical Equipment Management Plan 1/2024
ME-08-001 Wireless Communication Device Restrictions  1/25/24
ME-08-002 Medical Device Occurrences 1/25/24
ME-08-003 Product Alert/Recall/Hazard 3/7/23
ME-08-004 Patient and Staff Personal Electrical Equipment 12/29/22
ME-08-005 Defibrillator Testing 1/7/22
ME-08-005 Addendum Defibrillator/Pacer Checklist 1/7/22
ME-08-007 Testing of Patient Care Electrical Equipment 1/25/24
ME-08-008 Medical Equipment Management 12/29/22
ME-08-009 Equipment Inspection Documentation 1/25/24
ME-08-010 Non-Repairable Equipment 1/25/24
ME-08-011 Borrowed Medical Equipment 3/15/24
ME-08-011 Appendix A Borrowed Medical Equipment Form 3/15/24
ME-08-012 Clinical Alarm Systems 5/4/23
ME-08-020 Rental/Loaner/Trial/Short Term Lease Equipment 3/15/24
ME-08-021 Defective Equipment 1/4/24
ME-08-021 Appendix A Emergency Response Action for Patient-Care Equipment Failure  1/4/24
US-08-000 Utility Management Plan 1/2024
US-08-002 Airborne Pathogens Control 2/02/23
Last Updated: 5/14/24