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Nanotechnology Safe Work Practices

University of Toledo Engineered Nanomaterial Survey

Nanotechnology is an emerging field.  As such, there are many uncertainties as to whether the unique properties of engineered nanomaterials also pose occupational health risks. 

 “Engineered Nanomaterials” are intentionally created (in contrast with natural or incidentally formed) with dimensions <100 nanometers.  This definition excludes biomolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates).

 The Safety and Health Department has developed and implemented safe work practices for research involving engineered nanomaterials.  Please review “Nanotechnolgy Safe Work Practices” (HM-08-038) at http://www.utoledo.edu/depts/safety/docs/HM-08-038.pdf

 If you use engineered nanomaterials please complete the following survey Engineered Nanomaterial Survey.

Safety and Health will contact the PI to set up an initial meeting to get a well-defined description of the work and to identify recognized and suspected hazards.  Specific hazard control options will be recommended based on the results of the initial meeting.  The effectiveness of the hazard controls in place will be quantitatively validated for suspect emissions using a variety of sampling techniques.

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