Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

Life Safety/Fire Safety 

The University of Toledo Fire and Life Safety Program operates out of the Facilities and Construction department. Within this department there are three full-time life safety technicians. The life safety technicians ensure that all fire code violations are corrected in a timely manner. They maintain all suppression systems throughout the University campus. These include: fire pumps, fire extinguishers, chemical suppression hoods, halon or inergen systems and sprinkler systems. They also oversee the work of any outside contractors that modify or repair University fire systems. In addition, the life safety technicians maintain all the University's fire detection systems to code. These include: fire alarms, smoke detectors, pull stations, horns and strobes and also adjust the time settings campus wide for all of the University's automatic electric clocks (from daylight savings to eastern standard and back) and make any repairs to the clocks as necessary.  For more information about Fire and Life Safety at the University call 419-530-3607.

Fire Extinguisher Selection

Virtually all fires are small at first and might easily be contained if the correct type of extinguisher is readily available and properly used. Use the information provided in the Fire Extinguisher Selection guide to insure that the type of extinguisher you choose is appropriate for the area and materials you are trying to protect.

Fire Safety Tips and Information

Fire statistics; emergency preparedness; survival tips; pre-planning strategies; on-campus & off-campus emergency phone numbers; and MORE!

Fire Escape Procedures

What you should and should not do when trying to escape from a fire. Familiarize yourself with the proper Fire Escape Procedures and in the event of a fire you will be prepared to respond quickly and correctly.

Portable Space Heaters and Halogen Floor Lamps

Special warnings and rules regarding the safe use of portable space heaters and the University's policy on prohibiting the use of halogen floor lamps in campus buildings.

Fire Extinguisher
Last Updated: 6/27/22