Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

Instructions for Taking a Test

Use the following steps to log into the Training test bank.

1. Log in (utoledo.edu)

2. Type in your UTAD sign-on, enter your UTAD password, and click the “login” button. 
*Temporary accounts will need to log in using the temporary log in button.

4. If you have a requirement for training, your list of required test(s) will appear. Click on the name of 
the test under the “Take Training and Test” column to begin. All tests listed in red are new or 
overdue. All tests listed in yellow are coming due soon.

5. Click on the test required, complete and review all content, and when finished click “Exit and 
Optionally Score Test”.

6. Print the results page by clicking “print” below the results page. View incorrectly answered questions 
by clicking “missed questions”. 

7. If there is a multi-subject test and you have recently passed some, but not all of the topics, you may have an entry in the "Partial Test (Retake Topics)" column. Clicking on an item in that column will generate a test with just the topics you need at this time for that requirement. If you generate a full test by mistake when you only need a partial test, you must finish / score the full test before you can generate a new partial test. Although that will cause you to "fail" any incomplete topics, it will not count against you in any way. Some training may be accomplished by attending a class. Click on an item in the "Class" column for more details and / or to register for a class.

8. When finished, be sure to Log off the test bank. 

To take a specific test not shown in your requirements:

1. If you want/need to take a test that does not show under “Your Incomplete Tests” or “Your 
Upcoming Requirements”, click “Select Test” under “Testing / Training / Tracking”. You can choose 
tests from “All training types” or a specific training type by selecting the type using the drop-down at 
the top of the screen and then selecting the specific training type. 

2. To select a specific test, click the gold drop down list next to “Select Test” and pick the desired 
*The most commonly taken tests are under “Clinical Training” Type:
• Test #1 – Safety
• Test #40 – Nursing
• Test # 86 – Ambulatory Services Test
(Check with your manager for the proper test to take)

3. Once selected, you can preview the training media or click the “Take Selected Test” button to take 
the test.

Returning to Incomplete Test:

Remember: you have the option to close out a test and return to that point at any time.

1. The test will be shown under “Your Incomplete Tests” when you log in. 

2. Click on the “Test ID” number to return to the test

Last Updated: 9/8/22