Multiple-Campus Master Plan

Join us as we build our future

This plan charts the University’s path for the future. It sets the overall vision for each campus, which we will achieve through many component projects.

We will fulfill the vision incrementally and over time. The plan describes each project, how that project should be sequenced and an initial estimate of cost. The plan’s vision will inform all facility decisions, from the largest of new buildings to the smallest of landscape efforts.

It will take collaboration among the University and our many partners to achieve our strategic goals and implement this vision. We seek to deepen our partnership with the state of Ohio, city of Toledo, industry leaders, students, alumni and friends.

Throughout the University’s history, our success has depended on the generosity of the state of Ohio and the University’s dedicated students, alumni and friends. This plan’s proposed projects are opportunities for alumni and other friends to contribute to the University in a remarkable and lasting way.

Join us to make The University of Toledo a university of distinction. For more details about our vision, the projects that will fulfill that vision and opportunities to partner with us.

Aerial view of The University of Toledo main campus

Last Updated: 7/2/19