Multiple-Campus Master Plan

Outreach and Coordination

The master planning process commenced in Summer 2014. Throughout its 30-month duration, the planning process was inclusive and transparent in all stages.

The master plan commenced with interviews of dozens of campus and community leaders. Scores more of faculty, staff, students and community members participated in workshops, open houses, presentations and online forums to confirm campus analysis and inform future decisions. The master planning team repeatedly reached out to the community, meeting with adjacent neighborhood leaders and elected officials and staff from the city of Toledo. The University’s website provided access to planning materials for review, and an online town hall facilitated concurrent and interactive discussions throughout the process.

The planning process was integrated with municipal planning, and city departments were consulted throughout the planning process. This plan will guide both University and city of Toledo projects within and adjacent to each campus.

As a result of this collaborative process, this plan has widespread understanding and support from the campus and the community.

Women reviewing campus maps

Last Updated: 7/2/19