Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Donations and Sponsorships

Before a student organization can approach a business or individual about donations, sponsorships, or other financial or material support, they must first receive approval from the UT Foundation. Approval is required so as to avoid interfering with ongoing, current or proposed major donation projects.

Student organizations can request approval to solicit support by completing a Donation Request Form.

The following are needed to complete the Donation Request Form.

  • Copy of a Word or PDF document of the materials you will be using to ask for donations (letter, brochure, flyer, etc.)
  • Excel spreadsheet with contact information for each business or person you plan to ask for donations from (Name, Title/Position, Email, and Phone Number must be included)
  • What donations/support you are looking to secure (Money, Gift Cards, Food, Coupons, Apparel, etc.)
  • Estimated total value (in dollars) you are looking to secure

All monetary donations must be deposited into an approved account before any spending can be made. A copy of the deposit slip must be maintained for seven years if donations are deposited into an outside account.

Last Updated: 6/27/22