Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Raffles and Games of Chance

State gambling laws apply to student organizations and their activities. Gambling (games of chance or with a chance to lose and win money) in any form is not permitted. Bingo, casino games, and other activities can be done as entertainment and even as a fundraiser as long as gambling laws are strictly adhered to.  


In order to award prizes (cash and pre-paid credit cards are prohibited) through chance, everyone must have an equal opportunity to win by meeting one of the following criteria:

  1. All persons in attendance have the same number of entries or chances.
  2. There is no financial cost in exchange for entries or chances.
  3. Chances to win or entries are attached to the sale of a good, AND, the price for the good is of fair value with or without the chance to win.

Prize guidelines

If prizes or give-away items are purchased with UToledo provided budgets, the items can only be given to current UToledo students. If the giveaway items are given to all who participate (such as pens or t-shirts), a form does not need to be completed. If the items are a prize that is awarded to a student for winning something or accomplishing something (such as winning a tournament or a door prize drawing) a Prize Recipient Form must be completed and turned in to OSIL within 5 days of the event, which indicates who was awarded the prizes and their Rocket numbers. Print out this template to be used at your event and then upload to the form.

For more information on raffles and other fundraising activities, visit the Ohio Attorney General website.

Last Updated: 6/27/22