Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Grade Releases

Some student organizations have minimum GPA requirements as part of their membership qualifications. GPA requirements vary by organization, so consult with organization officers or UT Advisor for specifics.

The grade release process is meant to provide proof of meeting the grade point average requirements for each individual organization.

Students can submit a grade lease by using the following Grade Release Form located on the Involvement Network (InvoNet).

Grade Release Form

The student submitting this form must be logged in to their own InvoNet account. If you are not logged into your own account when submitting this form, your release will be declined. Logging into your InvoNet account acts as a digital signature. In addition, students must be listed on student organization roster of which they need a release for. Grade checks will be provided to student organization Presidents. Information regarding updating a roster in InvoNet can be found here.

Last Updated: 6/27/22