Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Vehicle Rental

Consult with your student organization advisor and/or department sponsoring your travel first for any guidelines or restrictions.

Student organizations have two options for vehicle rental (listed below). Regardless of which you choose, each driver will need to complete:

Driver Record Application / MVR Authorization Form

    • Must be submitted to Risk Management at least 7 business days before travel.

Online Defensive Driver Training

    • Must score at least 70% on each section.

1. Utilizing UToledo vehicles (very limited supply)

  • Student members of a registered student organization, club or sports club (hereafter “Student Organization”) may drive a University vehicle for activities associated with the student organization and as approved by the Student Organization’s UT advisor. 
  • Student members must abide by all provisions of this Driver and Fleet Safety Program.
  • Eligibility as a student Driver will require the following in addition to the general requirements (2 linked buttons above):
    • Minimum of one (1) year driving experience.
    • No convictions for vehicular accidents.
    • Absence of University disciplinary sanctions which might reflect negatively on a student's ability to drive safely, such as a sanction for intoxication.
  • Any student driver subsequently not meeting the above requirements will be removed from eligibility. Students deemed ineligible will not be permitted to drive a University vehicle but may reapply when they have again met the above criteria.
  • Student members are not approved for driving 15-passenger vans nor any University Vehicle that requires a CDL.

2. Renting from a preferred vendor through UToledo

  • You will use a special code to get a reduced rate for your rental
  • Can only be used for official student organization business
  • Click here for more information.

If you choose to drive your own vehicle

  • Driver using a personal vehicle for University business or for a student organization activity must comply with all motor vehicle laws, including the Ohio Financial Responsibility Law that requires drivers to maintain liability insurance. They should also maintain a physical damage policy on their vehicle.
  • When personal vehicles used on University business or for a student organization activity are involved in an accident, the driver’s personal automobile insurance will be primary coverage for both liability and physical damage claims. The University’s Auto Liability policy will provide umbrella coverage for liability (not physical damage) in accordance with the provisions of the policy in effect at the time.

Click here for more information about traveling with your student organization.

Last Updated: 6/27/22