Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program

Fieldwork Education

A group of occupational therapy students working in the field

Fieldwork Education is an essential component to our occupational therapy program. There are two levels of fieldwork in occupational therapy education: Level I and Level II fieldwork experiences.


Level I Fieldwork

  • Occurs each of the five on-campus semesters of the program at UToledo
  • Enhances academic course work through observation and structured practice opportunities
  • Allows students to apply the content being taught in the classes
  • Includes traditional settings, such as hospitals and schools, and emerging practice areas such as our Knock Out Parkinson’s program
  • Allows students to experience a variety of practice settings and populations
  • Is accompanied by a weekly fieldwork course where students discuss and integrate additional communication and practice skills

Level II Fieldwork

  • Occurs after students complete all on-campus course work and Level I Fieldwork
  • Is a minimum of 24 weeks (6 months) of supervised full-time fieldwork under a qualified occupational therapist
  • Provides experiences designed to develop competent, entry-level generalists in occupational therapy

Fieldwork Sites

  • All fieldwork sites are carefully screened and selected to facilitate achievement of the program's goals for Practice, Advocacy, Research and Autonomous Decision Making
  • Sites are located in Ohio, as well as other areas of the United States
  • Students and faculty collaborate to identify fieldwork experiences that meet the students’ personal and professional needs
  • UToledo faculty and Fieldwork Educators collaborate regularly to ensure the most successful learning experience for the student 
  • The Fieldwork Resource link below provides valuable information to Fieldwork Educators in an effort to enhance both the collaborative process and the teaching/learning experience

Fieldwork Resources

Please direct any fieldwork related questions or comments to Nicole.Stotz@utoledo.edu

Last Updated: 1/31/23