Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program

what is Occupational Therapy?

What is Occupation?
Occupations are the things that people do in their everyday life.  They are the tasks that people want to do, need to do, and are expected to do.  Occupations lead people to form their identity and fulfill their unique potential.  Doing occupations promotes people’s mental, social, and physical skills.   

What is Occupational Therapy?
Since occupation is so central to human life and has so many benefits for people, it is not surprising that there is a profession is specifically devoted to it. Occupational Therapy helps make sure that everyone has the chance to do what they want, need, and are expected to do.  Occupational Therapy creates opportunities for people to do occupations for health promotion and remediation of disorders.

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OT mock patient at stove with student posing as OTD

Last Updated: 2/1/23