Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program

OTD Requirements and Criteria for Retention

  1. A student admitted into the OTD program must comply with rules and regulations for conduct and academic performance as stipulated by the College of Graduate Studies Health Science Campus and the College of Health and Human Services. This information can be found in the Health Science Campus Graduate Student Handbook (on the web http://www.utoledo.edu/graduate/currentstudents/references/) and the College of Health and Human Services OT Student Handbook provided at orientation.

  2. A student will be placed on academic probation if her/his cumulative GPA falls below a 3.0 during any semester. If the student remains on academic probation for two consecutive semesters, the student will be dismissed.

  3. A student admitted under provisional status whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 following completion of the first 15 credits will be dismissed from the program and from the Health Science Campus College of Graduate Studies.

  4. A grade of C or better or a grade of S must be earned in all courses. No grade lower than a C, is allowed in the total of 95 credits required for graduation. A student who receives a grade of C minus or lower or a grade of U may repeat the course one time, realizing that the sequence of study will be disrupted and that additional time and expense will be required to complete the program. A student wishing to repeat a course will be required to apply for an academic leave until the course is re-offered in its regular sequence.

  5. A maximum of 12 credits or 2 courses of C plus or lower grades may be part of the student’s Plan of Study. A student who exceeds the maximum will be subject to dismissal.

  6. A student who receives two or more grades of D, F or U in any one semester forfeits the opportunity to repeat and will be dismissed from the program.

  7. Continuous enrollment in the OTD program is required because of the sequential nature of the course work. Withdrawal from one course may require complete withdrawal from the semester and will be considered a stop-out. If a student elects to stop-out for any reason, s/he will be required to apply for an approved academic leave or withdraw from the program altogether. Academic leave may be effective from one to three semesters, after which time, readmission will be required.

  8. A student who has been dismissed from the program or who has been on academic leave for longer than one year, must apply for readmission into the OTD program. Readmission will be determined on an individual basis dependent on the reason for dismissal or the conditions requiring academic leave.

  9. Students are expected to comply with the requirements of fieldwork and capstone sites and the academic program in completing Level I and Level II fieldwork experiences, and the Capstone experience. Level I fieldwork will be completed during the academic portion of the program while Level II fieldwork and the Capstone experience will be completed after the academic portion of the program is completed. The student will need to complete a minimum of 940 hours of Level II fieldwork to meet the 6-month Level II fieldwork requirement. The student will need to complete a minimum of 640 hours on the Capstone experience courses including the Capstone Practicum, Dissemination, and Mentored Studies.
Last Updated: 7/26/19