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Carlson Library Periodicals

"Periodical" is the general term for a publication that comes out in parts on a set schedule, such as newspapers, magazines, or journals. The library subscribes to thousands of periodicals, in both print and electronic formats.


The University of Toledo Library provides access to over 33,000 electronic journals. The quickest way to find them is our UT Libraries Online Journal List, which lists journals from OhioLINK, our own subscriptions, and full-text journals available in our many research databases.


The Library owns many periodicals in print format as well.

Most issues of print periodicals are shelved on the 3rd floor, in alphabetical order.

Older issues of some periodicals (particularly newspapers and weekly magazines) are kept in the Microform Collection. Ask for these at the Ciruclatoin Desk. Older volumes of many periodicals are stored offsite at the Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository.


Regardless of location, all periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title. Exceptions to this are certain periodicals with the name of an organization in the title; for example, the Journal of the American Chemical Society is shelved as American Chemical Society, Journal and will be found under 'A'.

Additionally, it is helpful to remember that every word in the title is considered when alphabetizing (even 'for' and 'of') except for initial articles such as A, An, and The. Titles that begin with acronyms, like I.I.E.E. Transactions..., will be shelved at the beginning of the letter of each letter of the alphabet.


See the How do I Find Articles page for more information about locating articles in periodicals. To see if we have a specific periodical, use our UT Libraries Electronic Journal portal to locate electronic versions, if available, or look it up by title in the UT Library Catalog. To narrow the search results, limit your search to "Material Type: Journal/Serial." To see all of the periodicals (current and discontinued) that we have in a particular broad subject area, search by Subject and append the word Periodicals to your search: for example, History Periodicals. Alternatively, you can perform a keyword search for a broad topic term and limit the Material Type to "Journal/Serial."

Last Updated: 6/27/22