Pathology Residency: Facilities & Community Life

The University of Toledo Medical Center emphasizes tertiary care and has an extensively modern facility and computerized laboratory services.

Mulford Library
Raymon H. Mulford Library
Residents have the opportunity to rotate through such institutions as the Lucas County Coroner's Office, Pinkus Laboratory (dermatopathology), Akron Children's Hospital (for Pediatric Pathology), and St. Luke's Hospital for additional exposure and experience.

Library and audiovisual facilities are extensive and include departmental libraries and Raymon H. Mulford Library. The Library at the University of Toledo Main Campus is also available for residents.

Residents are offered the opportunity to participate in the continuing education programs of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, the College of American Pathologists, and the Ohio Society of Pathologists.


Toledo is the fourth largest city in Ohio and one of the top 60 metropolitan areas in the nation, with a metropolitan population of approximately 1,100,000 residents. There are excellent public schools and parochial schools and recreational and cultural facilities. Boating and fishing on Lake Erie is a major recreational resource. Professional and collegiate athletic programs are abundant. Toledo also has an excellent public art museum as well as an outstanding zoo and many cultural attractions including opera, symphony, theater and the arts. There is an extensive system of Metro parks

The University of Toledo Health Science Campus is located in a residential area on the south side of the city and is within a few minutes driving time of the University of Toledo Main Campus.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22