Pathology Residency: Rotations, Conferences & Subspecialties

Anatomic Pathology Months Clinical Pathology Months
Autopsy 5 Clinical Chemistry, General, Special & Toxicology 3
Cytology 3 Microbiology & Virology 4
Electron Microscopy 1 Hematology, Coagulation & Clinical Microscopy 4
Forensic 1 Cytogenetics and Molecular Pathology 3
Neuropathology 1 Histocompatibility/Serology/Flow Cytometry 1
Pediatric Pathology 1 Clinical Orientation (General CP) 1
Surgicals 12 Blood Bank 2
Renal Pathology/Immunology 1 Lab Management 1
Dermatopathology 1    
Total Months 26 Total Months 19
Electives in Anatomic Pathology or Clinical Pathology 3
Total Months = 48

Department of Pathology Divisions and Subspecialties
Anatomic Pathology
  Surgical Pathology Forensic Pathology
  Cytopathology Renal/Transplant Pathology
  Autopsy Pathology Hematopathology
  Dermatopathology Electron Microscopy

Clinical Pathology:
  Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine Laboratory Management
  Clinical Chemistry Microbiology
  Coagulation Molecular Pathology
  Cytogenetics Toxicology
  Flow Cytometry Virology
  Hematology Immunology/Serology

Departmental and Interdepartmental Conferences
Cytology Dermatopathology Morbidity and Mortality
Hematology Journal Club Molecular Pathology
Microbiology Pathology Grand Rounds Surgical Pathology
AP/CP Didactics Renal Signout Ultrastructural Interpretation
Rad-Path Conference Tumor Conference Gross Autopsy
Board Review  Gross Neuropathology   Clinical Microbiology Rounds


Last Updated: 6/27/22