Emergency Medicine Residency

Global Health - Nepal Experience

The University of Toledo Emergency Medicine Residency promotes a global health experience  with the goal of understanding how health systems operate in low-resource parts of the world. This first step in improving health systems is to identifying gaps in the dissemination and execution of healthcare. We believe that residents can gain invaluable experience and perspective through the global health program.  Currently, residents have the option to spend one month in Nepal working in a rural hospital near Kathmandu. Residents are able to evaluate and manage rare diseases, work with a diverse group of physicians, learn about clinical decision making in low-resource settings, and experience a unique cultural perspective.

Nepal conference

 Most recently, a group of medical students, residents, and faculty from the University of Toledo participated in the 1st Internal WONCA Emergency Medicine Seminar in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our group presented topics including management of stroke, ultrasound in Emergency Medicine, advance airway techniques, and debunking myths in Emergency Medicine.

Nepal workshop

As of now, Emergency Medicine does not currently exist as a medical specialty in Nepal. To help teach core emergency medicine topics, the University of Toledo group designed an interdisciplinary workshop involving nurses, residents, and faculty. The workshop focused on simulation training, pediatric trauma, pediatric resuscitation, pediatric airway management, and pediatric vascular access. 

Nepal Group



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Last Updated: 6/27/22