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Connor Parsell, fourth year UT Medical Student, presenting an original emergency medicine wellness research at the regional SAEM conference in Southfield, MI on September 19, 2019.



Effectiveness of Hands-Only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Teaching on Lay Bystander Attitudes Toward Future Resuscitation. Spartan Medical Research Journal. 2019.


Authors: Nofzinger, J; Kakish, E; Bahhur, N; Ryno, J; Pillai, M; DeBelly, J; Jones, C


Guilty as Charged: Jailed Coronary Vessel Presenting as Wellens’ Syndrome Type B. Journal of Education and Teaching in Emergency Medicine. 2019.


Authors: Aderonke, SA; Fashempour, R; Moussa, M; Bruss, P


Active Shooter: What Would Healthcare Students Do While Caring for Their Patients? Run? Hide? Or Fight? Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 2019.


Authors: McKenzie, N; Wishner, C; Sexton, M; Saevig, D; Fink, B; Rega, P


Killer Amoebas: Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis in a Changing Climate.  Journal of the American Academy of PAs. 2019.


Authors: Cooper, AM; Aouthmany, S; Shah, K; Rega, PP


Hemorrhage-Control Tourniquets: How Intuitive Are They? Prehospital Disaster Medicine. 2019.


Authors: Ochs, N; Sexton, M; McKenzie, N; Rega, P; Ziehr, J; Parquette, B; Fink, B  


CBRNE - Glanders and Melioidosis.  Medscape Drugs & Diseases. Updated January 17, 2019. 


Author: Rega PP


LSD Toxicity.  Medscape Drugs and Diseases.  Updated January 4, 2019.  https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1011615

Author: Rega Paul P


A Review of Ultrasonography as a Diagnostic Modality for Long Bone Fractures as Compared with Radiography. Journal of the American Academy of PAs. Accepted for publication 8-14 months from 7/31/2018.

Authors: O’Brien, A; Moussa, M


Do Emergency Physicians Rely on Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Clinical Decision Making Without Additional Confirmatory Testing? Journal of Clinical Ultrasound. May 2018.

doi: 10.1002/jcu.22604

Authors: Moussa, M; Stausmire, JM


The Role of Chest X-Ray and Bedside Ultrasound in Diagnosing Pulmonary Bleb versus Pneumothorax. Journal of Education and Teaching in Medicine. 2018.


Authors: Moussa, M; Vaddamani, VR


How Competent are Emergency Residents in Applying Commercial Tourniquets? A Pilot Study. Annals of Emergency Medicine. October 2018.


Authors: Moussa, M; Duggan, J; Jones, C; Fink, B; Parquette, B; Ziehr, J; Rega, P


Teaching Point-Of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) to Visiting Iraqi Physicians Using the Train-The-Trainer Model. The Global Health Journal. April 1, 2018.


Authors: Moussa, M; Hohler, M; Obert, Z; Stanko, K; Kakish, E; Brickman, K


Hydrofluoric Acid: The Next Terrorist Weapon?  Preparing Yourself and Your Team (abstract).  Journal of Nursing & Health Studies. 2018.


Author: Rega, P


START or SALT:  Which Triage System Would You Choose for Yourself and Your Community (abstract).  Journal of Nursing & Health Studies. 2018.


Author: Rega, P


It’s a ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI), or Is It?  Massive Pulmonary Embolism Presenting as STEMI.  Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2018. 


Authors: Dasa, O; Ruzieh, M; Ammari, Z; Syed, MA; Brickman, KR; Gupta, R   


Brain Activation Related to Fear-Associated Learning During Early Post-Traumatic Period.  Society of Biological Psychiatry. 5/2018; 83(9):S356. 


Authors: Walkosz, M; Xie, H; Thalla, P; Ding, A; Kaminski, B; Brickman, K; Krogh, K; Greco, J; Liberzon, I; Wang, X  


Psychiatric Referral of Patients with Underlying Depression Presenting to the Emergency Department. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2018.


Authors: Parsell, C; Gerbec, D; Gokula, V; Arend, T; Brickman, K; et al


Tularemia: A Review with Concern for Bioterrorism. Medical Research Archives: Volume 5 Issue 8. August 2017.


Authors: Rega, P; Guinness, M; McMahon, C


Use of Bedside Compression Ultrasonography of Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis. Journal of Education and Teaching in Medicine. 2017. 


Authors: Moussa, M; Abdo, M


Using Bedside Ultrasound to Rapidly Differentiate Shock. Journal of Education and Teaching in Medicine. 2017.


Authors: Moussa, M; Willen, J; Biswas, S


Three Critical Patients and One Ventilator: An Analysis of Factors Used in Making Life-Saving or Life-Ending Decisions.  Journal of Nursing and Women’s Healthcare. February, 2017.


Authors: Fink, BN; Rega, PP; Morah, JCM; Nicholson, RL


ED Patients with Prolonged Complaints and Repeat ED Visits Have an Increased Risk of Depression.  Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2016.


Authors: Brickman, K; Bahl, R; Marcinkowski, N; Ammons, K; Akpunonu, P   


Preliminary Study of Acute Changes in Emotion Processing in Trauma Survivors with PTSD Symptoms.  PLOS One. 2016


Authors: Wang, X; Xie, H; Cotton, AS; Duval, ER; Tamburrino, MB; Brickman, KR; Elhai, JD; Ho, SS; McLean, SA; Ferguson, EJ; Liberzon, I   


Creating a Sustainable Mission. Journal of Emergency Medicine, Trauma & Acute Care. 2016.


Authors: Brickman, K; Stransky, B; Cosby, B; Kazan, V  


AED Education:  A Dilemma for Public Health and a Challenge for Critical Care Specialists.  Journal of Intensive and Critical Care. 2015.


Authors: Rega, P; Fink, B


Early Cortical Thickness Change After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Following Motor Vehicle Collision. Journal of Neurotrauma. 2015.


Authors: Wang, X; Xie, H; Cotton, AS; Tamburrino, MB; Brickman, KR; Lewis, TJ; McLean, SA; Liberzon, I


Iontopheresis:  As a New Treatment Modality in the Management of Acute Soft Tissue Injuries in the Emergency Department.  Translation: The University of Toledo Journal of Medical Sciences. 2015.


Authors: Brickman, K; Zaclewski, TG; Bahl, R; Fink, BN;  Gibbons, MP; Sidani, RS;  Audino, AN; Ryno, JJ; Adams, DZ; Wellock, AR




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