Emergency Medicine Residency

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Ultrasound Elective


Emergency bedside ultrasound is one of the most rapidly developing areas in Emergency Medicine. Our residents use our dedicated department scanner throughout every shift to help rapidly assess patients with acute or emergent cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal, obstetric, and ocular complaints, among others. This not only helps residents rapidly refine their list of differentials in time-sensitive situations, but also is useful for the ongoing education of patients, medical students, and residents.

Under the direction of Dr. Justin Pollock, MD, the University of Toledo Emergency medicine residency offers interested medical students and residents a dedicated ultrasound elective in addition to the core curriculum and training.


Over this one month elective, senior residents will:

  • Participate in bedside teaching and the use of emergency ultrasound with the attending physician
  • Develop and participate in teaching sessions with medical students
  • Guide intern residents with selection and presentation of an ultrasound case at conference
  • Develop ultrasound QA tools with the Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Residents will also be encouraged to consider the limitations of bedside ultrasound in the current healthcare environment

Senior residents with specific goals in mind (advanced Ob/Gyn, cardiovascular techniques, etc.) are encouraged to work with faculty to modify the curriculum to satisfy their own educational and practical goals.


  • Cardiac US/Echo: estimating contractility, right ventricular size, pericardial effusion
  • IVC: fluid status
  • Lung US: pulmonary edema, pleural effusion, pneumothorax
  • Vascular: aortic aneurysm, vascular access (peripheral IV, central venous, arterial lines)
  • Abdominal: detection of IUP vs ectopic pregnancy, fetal heart tone measurement, bowel obstruction
  • Trauma: FAST exam, RUSH exam
  • Ocular: optic sheath diameter measurement (ICP), retinal detachment



Last Updated: 6/27/22