Emergency Medicine Residency

Why UToledo EM?

In The University of Toledo (UToledo) Emergency Medicine Residency Program, you will become a strong ER physician in 3 years.

You will develop this strength through the program's attention to education through simulation, diverse and large faculty base, and through the support of an unmatched affiliation between UToledo and Promedica.  Graduates of the program have moved on to enter various fellowships including ultrasound, critical care, and toxicology while others have moved on and become directors of emergency departments across the country.  In short, this program will support your well being throughout the 3 years and train you to become an excellent ER physician.


  • 12th Year of Residency Program
  • Salary: R1 - $58,302; R2 - $60,212; R3 - $61,973 (see benefits)
  • 48 Total Faculty Across 3 Different Hospitals
  •  Patient Volume at Toledo Hospital:  90,325 per year 
  • Critical Patients at Toledo Hospital: 13.1%
  • Total Alumni: 87
  • Matched Fellowships: Critical Care, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Ultrasound, Toxicology
  • Global Health Experience: Nepal
  • Compliant with RRC/ACGME 

Last Updated: 9/20/22